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SF-477S medical temperature humidity controller

Product number:1033013857078829056

  • Description
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    Humidity display/ Temperature control/ Defrost control/
    Light control/ Power switch/
    Value storing/ Self-testing

    Technical Data
    Temperature sensor: NTC, one sensor, 2m long, neither positive nor negative
    Humidity sensor: 1 sensor Humidity display range: 00~99%
    Accuracy: ±03%
    Temperature display range:-45~+99℃
    Accuracy: ±01℃
    Set temperature range:-45~+75℃
    Factory default:05℃
    Mounting hole dimension:138mm(L)×32.5mm(W)
    Relay contact capacity:  Compressor :10A/250VAC


    Paramete Function Set range Default
    PA Menu password 00~50~99 82
    E1 Lower set point limit -45℃~set temp. 02℃
    E2 Higher set point limit set temp.~75℃ 17℃
    E3 Hysteresis 01~10℃ 04℃
    E4 Comp. start delay time 00~10min 2分钟
    E5 Offset on room temp sensor -20~20℃ 00℃
    E6 Offset on humidity sensor -20~20% 00%
    P1 Light duration time
    00 is infinite length
    C1 Change menu password C2~75℃ 45℃
    C2 High temp. alarm value -45℃~C1 -35℃
    C3 Low temp. alarm value 00~60 min 2分钟
    C4 Alarm delay time 01~10℃ 02℃
    F1 Alarm hysteresis 01~90 min 20分钟
    F2 Defrost cycle 00~24hr 4小时
    F4 Defrost interval
    00=normal display
    01=locked display
    A1 Display when defrost 00~50% 35%
    A2 Lowest humidity display 50~99% 75%
    CPA Highest humidity display
    00~99(if set to 00, means
    cancel the password)


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