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SF-115 digital temperature meter

Product number:1033013148799295488

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    1. Power supply: AC  220V   50/60Hz 
    2. Range of temperature displayed: -50~150℃    Accuracy:±1℃
    3. Temperature sensor: NTC, one sensor, 2 m(L),
       (neither positive nor negative)
    4. Failure code:
        When room sensor is short-circuited or overheated (more than 150℃), 
        alternately flashing display "HH" and use days ; when room sensor 
        is open-circuited or temperature is too low (less than -50℃), 
        alternately flashing display "LL" and use days.
    5. Dimension:81(Length)×66(Width)×36(Depth)mm
        Mounting hole dimension:71(Length)×29(Width)mm

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