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SF-278 refrigeration digital temperature controller

Product number:1033013557513248768

  • Description
  • Features of Function
          Mini-sized and integrated  intelligent control.
         Temperature Display/ Temperature Control/ Value Storing/ Self  Testing /Parameter Locking

    1.  Power supply: 230VAC
    2.  Temperature sensor: NTC, two sensors , 2m(L) (Neither positive nor negative)
    3.  Range of temperature display:-45~120℃  (-49~248℉)       Accuracy:±1℃ (±2℉)
    4.  Range of set temperature: E1~E2              Factory default :00℃ (32℉)
    5.  Dimension:230(Length)×54(Width)×27(Depth)mm
         Mounting hole dimension:225(Length)×49(Width)mm
    6.  Temperature of the operating environment:-10~60℃(14~140℉)  
         Relative Humidity:20%~90%(Non-condensing)
    7.  Relay output contact capacity
         Compressor:  N. O. 30A/250VAC    Fan:         N. O. 10A/250VAC
         Light:      N. O. 10A/250VAC           Defrost:   N. O. 12A/250VAC

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